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October 21, 2011

Protecting Against the Interest Rate Spikes

When interest rates rise, the amount of mortgage financing a borrower qualifies for can be reduced. It is possible, that your maximum affordable mortgage could be thousands of dollars less after an unprotected interest rate spike. This reduction in available financing could very well require you to ante up a larger down payment. If you do not have the additional savings, your maximum affordable home price could be reduced.

Full Pre-Qualification 30 to 120 days

A rate commitment usually requires a full pre-qualification of the applicant. Rate commitments vary from one mortgage lender to another. Some lenders, will guarantee the rate for 30 to 120 days or longer. If rates rise during the commitment period the borrower is assured of either the lower of the committed rate, or the rate one day before closing. Some mortgage lenders offer commitments that guarantee the lowest market rate during the commitment period, or the committed rate. We can pre-qualify you with the right mortgage lender and insure your rate committment meets your needs.

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