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Getting Your House Ready to Sell

October 19, 2011

1. CURB APPEAL IS CRITICAL –Potential buyers make an immediate first impression as soon as they pull up to your property. Your goal is to make it appealing and inviting. Pay attention to the small details and make sure it the impression you are giving is “WELCOME."

2. THE FUNCTION OF EACH ROOM SHOULD BE CLEAR -Each room is selling a lifestyle. The cozy living room where you entertain guests, the dining room for family dinners, or the relaxing master bedroom spa en suite are all creating a vision of a lifestyle you want a potential buyer to buy into. Show it off so it is clear what kind of life your would be buyer will have there.

3. CLEAN, CLEAN, and CLEAN! -There are reasons we like new cars, new homes, and new things… They sparkle and they shine and they feel fresh and more importantly, we can picture them ours. This cannot be underestimated when preparing your home for sale. Invest in a cleaning company to do an initial intense first cleaning if you don’t have time to do it yourself. It’s not personal, it’s clean.

4. STORAGE SPACE, SIMPLICITY AND SPACIOUSNESS -Start packing now! You will be happy that you did! De-clutter and organize every room to emphasize space and to help others visualize possibility. Store away items that are too big and that you are not using. And look on the bright side, when it comes time to pack for the move, you’ll already be halfway there!

5. LIGHT UP YOUR HOUSE - Change light bulbs, increase wattage where necessary and especially in dimly lit basements. Try and be consistent with light fixtures in every room. Create ambiance, warmth, and brightness throughout your home. For nighttime showings, make sure clients are created with a warm, brightly lit home when they drive up.

6. PETS IN THE FAMILY - This is a tough one and a sensitive issue. Unfortunately potential buyers may be turned off by the fact an animal is part of your family. If you have litter in the house, make sure it’s clean and keep it out of view if possible. If you have a dog, make sure that your yard is free of all of the fun stuff. I think you know what I mean by that! It’s been suggested that if you can find a temporary home for your pet, you may consider it. Not only will it make showings easier for you to arrange, but it may also be less stressful for your animal to not constantly have strangers in their home. I know this can be hard and I stress this is only a suggestion.

7. PAINT IN NEUTRALS -Fresh paint can give your home a new look and add a fresh feeling. Neutral colours appeal to most buyers. You can add life and energy to each room later with colour accents and greenery.

8. DEPERSONALIZE -It’s not personal .. It’s depersonal! Consider your home something of a model home that allows others to picture themselves in it. Take yourself out of their picture.9. FLOORING -Floors that are clean, modern, and well maintained have a distinct feel and add to the overall appeal of your home. Steam clean carpets, replace where necessary, update if you must, and polish hardwood floors.

10. UPDATES & REPAIRS -Fix anything that is broken, leaks, is chipped, and looks worn or dated. These include counters, cabinets, paint, hardware, faucets, toilets, window coverings, and anything else you see fit.

Remember above all, it’s not personal. Once you make the decision to sell your home, it becomes a product. You want to show that product in its best possible light to maximize its value. Invest now and you will see the benefits later! If time is an issue, remember your realtor is in this with you! Together, we can prioritize tasks and make a plan of action so that you are comfortable with the process.

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