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Cleaning Tips for Spring

April 22, 2015 SPONSORED


by James Dewar

Spring brings more daylight and everything in the home comes into better focus. Spring also inspires a restlessness in us to shrug off the claustrophobia of winter and welcome the joys of warmer weather. Show no mercy. It’s Spring Cleaning time!

Here are the crucial steps to follow before you haul out the pails, cleansers and cloths:

Identify the Eyesores

  • Damaged furniture
  • Overgrown or seriously ill plants
  • Sun-damaged or faded window coverings
  • Worn out rugs
  • Heirloom furniture you hate or that don’t go with anything else in the décor
  • Pet-damaged areas 
  • Water-damaged walls, floors and tubs
  • Paintings and art that don’t match your taste anymore
  • Anything else that you’d rather toss than clean

Consider Feng Shui

Once you study the principles of this ancient Chinese approach to designing your environment around the principles of harmony and energy flow, you’ll never see décor the same way again. This philosophy is particularly good for preventing, or
curing, hoarding.

Create space in your home. It’s not so much what you own, but your relationship to the space you occupy and the things you own.

Review How the Outside Affects the Inside:

  • Identify large bushes or trees that block sunlight
  • Inspect sliding doors that are hard to open and close
  • Look for water-damaged walls and windows
  • Review the front door area for step damage or heaving
  • Identify anything else that may be affecting the quality of life inside the home

Spring is a great time to revitalize your home experience.  Make it your home.



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