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Another Happy First Time Buyer

March 8, 2015 SPONSORED


Why do I love working with first time home buyers?


It all started with a call from my long time friend Lisa who called me on Friday night around 10:30PM asking me if I can meet her at Mattamy Homes in Half Moon Bay, Barrhaven the next morning. The first thing I thought wasOMG your buying a home that is amazing and the second thing I thought was that maybe we are moving to quick and we have not even got a chance to meet and sit down and go over Sorin Vaduva's guide to buying a home which I go through the whole buying process with the client. As I have known Lisa and her spouse Hesham for many many years I knew that she was ready though.

How did I know they were ready to become home owners? Well I knew because they knew exactly what they wanted, where they wanted it and they were pre-approved already.  We went on to take advantage of the Mattamy deals they currently had going on. The model they chose though was not available to see in person and I advised to them that it is very important to see the unit in person to better understand the layout and space to make sure it will be functional especially as first time home buyers. We found some resale homes that were very similar in size and layout so we made arrangments to go out and see them and after a few visits we decided that these units will be to small for them.

We looked all around for the dream home and we then we continued to look again until we found a true gem in there price range in old Barrhaven. This was a single home on corner lot that was on a quite street which was important for them. We actually found 2 different homes that fit the bill at this point but we were really stuck on the corner lot single home as it boosted a huge back yard, landscaping and really gave my clients a great feeling when walking inside.

It was time to take the plunge and make an offer and so we did and it was quite the joy ride for me and my clients. We ended up getting almost $12000 off the asking price and all of our other conditions accepted.

It was quite the journey and experience for my clients who have never experienced purchasing a home but it was all worth it as now they have a  new place to call home.  

In order to celebrate we took them out to the Sense game in our 100 level suite where we celebrated with some food and drinks. We had a great time working togeather and look forward to seeing the home all done to there taste. ( We love to treat our clients)


They provided me a sneak preview of the home after some painting was done:

The clients also had some things to say about my services:

We are ecstatic to announce that Hesham and I are proud new homeowners, thanks to Sorin Vaduva from. Sorin worked around the clock so we could have a quick move in, and found us a hidden gem. He is excellent at understanding what his client's needs are and finding the perfect match. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He offered to come to our home inspection, even though it was not asked of him. He ensured we felt comfortable in each step, and seamlessly guided us through the entire purchasing process, and kept us informed. We were demanding at times, but Sorin always greeted us with nothing but a huge smile, professionalism, and great enthusiasm. He's passionate about real estate, and very knowledgable about the market. He always answered us quickly. For these reasons, Sorin was a natural choice for Hesham and I. We felt he had our best interest at heart. He gave us invaluable advice, and negotiated a better price than we expected. We would happily, and whole heartedly like to thank and recommend Sorin Vaduva because he is patient, motivated, and most important a natural people's person with an exceptionally helpful and caring attitude. We hope to work with you again, and our family also.  Hesham S. and Lisa L


I love what I do because of the people I work with and experiences such as this where I get to help a family get into a new home. The relationships that I build usually turn into friendships and that is something that will last forever.  Purchasing a home is quite the task but with a full time and full service agent on your side who is passionate about helping people; it should be enjoyable, educational and of course exciting time for everyone involved. 

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