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Top 6 reasons to buy a home

March 8, 2015 SPONSORED


Top 6 Reasons to buy a home in 2015!

1. Interest Rates are lower than previous years. In previous years rates were in the 3.5%  - 5% range and now they are in the 2.4% - 2.99%. This means savings for you so get a locked in rate before they jump back up as they are expected to raise again this year

2. We are in a Buyers Market:  A buyers market is when the numbers of homes available for sale is a lot higher than the amount of buyers in the market. This means that sellers will stay on the market longer and become more eager to reduce the asking price or willing to accept less

3. Build Equity in your home. Real Estate is one of the greatest things to purchase because your home builds equity as you pay down your mortgage. If you have enough equity then you can borrow against the equity in your home for things such as paying for your child's school, home improvements or even starting a business

4. Real Estate is the Best Investment you can make. Real estate grows almost every year in value and that makes it one of the safest long term investments you can make. It is the only investment I know that grows in value and equity as you pay down while enjoying the investment everyday. Once you have built some value and equity in your current home it might be time to get a second home as a rental. 

5. Quit Renting and paying another person's mortgage.  The rental market is strong right now and at times on par or higher then having a mortgage. If you are renting right now  $1500/month for the next 3 years then you would have payed $54,000 towards the landlords mortgage which could have gone towards your mortgage. If you are not able to qualify for a mortgage now then no problem. There are rent to own programs such as the ones I have been doing since 2007 that work with people to get them to a point where they will be able to purchase there home within 3 years or earlier. If rent to own is not the way for you then sit down with a mortgage agent that will put togeather a plan for you to save and prepare to purchase a home.

6. Pride of Ownership is a great feeling that every person deserves. You can do what you want inside your home and alternate your home anyway you want. Walk around naked if you want as hey this is your home and you no can tell you what you can or can't do. Be proud for this accomplishment as we know it took hard work, saving and sacrificing to get to home ownership and you should be proud. 


"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home" Unknown


As a licensed real estate agent operating here in Ottawa, Ontario it is my job and duty to show people all the benefits of home ownership while guiding them through the process but there comes a times like this when buying a home is a little about timing also. This short list of reasons to purchase a home covers the most important factors but of course there even more benefits to home ownership. Now everyone knows that getting to the point where you can purchase or qualify for a home is difficult but with determination and proper planning it can be done and that is where a qualified , trusted and full time agent can come in to help. There is even programs out there like rent to own which works with people to build there credit and down payment with a 3 years program while living in the home you choose. 

If you ever thought about owning a home/condo for you or your family then the time is now and I can help you through the process.Call me today and lets get you started!


Sorin Vaduva - Sales Representative  Your neighborhood Realtor in Ottawa.





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