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November 21, 2014 SPONSORED

It’s not hard for us to understand that many prospective real estate buyers in Burlington are sometimes a bit hesitant when it comes to obtaining professional advice regarding the home they desire to purchase and make every effort to verify the information that they receive from a real estate agent.
Most often, Burlington residents are of the opinion that Real Estate agents are just trying to make a sale by selling the property and trying to earn their fat commissions. This could even turn out to be true—real estate agents have always been conceived to be not entirely honest and over the years, this image has stuck to the minds of most buyers.
Well, it’s certainly time to change that mid set, because if you are able to get in touch with a truly professional real estate agent, the entire real estate dealing would be altogether a different experience—smooth negotiation, stress free and up to speed experience.
Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who is loyal to you, someone you can trust to get your home ready for sale? How much easier would the entire procedure of purchasing your gorgeous, secure and comfortable home be if you could have someone who will comb through the entire city of Burlington to find the best property to suit your needs? Now, that sounds pretty much simple doesn’t it?
When you hire an expert Real Estate Agent in Burlington, you are getting someone who acts solely in your interest. If you have made up your mind about investing in your own home in Burlington, it is wise to get your own real estate agent. Once you have signed the agreement with the real estate agent, this is when everything starts falling into place.
Your real estate agents will work exclusively for you and will protect your interests in the entire dealings. Your contract will ensure that there are no conflicts of interest, and if you do not find a clause that mentions this, you will need to bring it to your real estate agent’s notice. Just as is the case with your listing agreement to sell your home, your agreement will be applicable for a fixed period of time which usually covers three to six months. It will also specify the type of property you are planning to buy or sell. In some cases, the agreement will also list out your budgeted price range as well as the geographical area that suits your requirement and choice.
The agreement also lists out the commission you would be paying your agent. What you need to be aware of is that the real estate agents commissions are set as a percentage of the sale price of the property. While most real estate agents do not charge any other fee besides their commission, which is based on the sale price, there are some agents who ask for a retainer fee and charge a fee for marketing your home.
If you have ever wondered whether the real estate agents commission was negotiable, don’t. Go ahead, and ask. Never hesitate in speaking your mind and discussing all your doubts with your agent. Just as is the case with other business transaction, you will find that in most cases, real estate agents commission is negotiable between you, the seller and your agent. You will find that each real estate agent has his or her way of working and doing business. While some real estate agents focus on offering lower commission rates in return for more frequent business, there are others who appreciate repeat clients and referrals.
In Burlington, you will find that there are some real estate agents who don’t believe in offering any discount on their fees but they target on certain niche of clientele. The different type of clientele could include persons of a particular age group, like retirees who prefer to stay with similar kind of people. Other groups could include different ethnic communities, preference for different type of homes, like large detached homes that are available for high budgets, like more than a million dollars or even specific farming areas.
Of course, a lower commission may not mean excellent service. You may come across adverts or brochures offering a lower commission, but that’s when you remind yourself of the life truth and ask yourself, can you get something for nothing? You need to carefully analyse what’s on offer and be aware of what you are giving up when you accept this offer. Only when you investigate carefully would you learn more details of the services you are getting, things that are not apparent in the ad.
Hiring a real estate agent puts you in the perfect position, as you have someone who is truly watching your back in this world of real estate dealings..


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