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Does Comfree work?

November 11, 2014 SPONSORED


By Curt Knight

As a realtor obviously I have my own bias.  But this question comes up from time to time when I meet with clients who are thinking of selling their home.  COMFREE has done an exceptional job of marketing themselves over the last few years and has gained some market share.  However, there are always two sides to every story and I thought it would be good for people to here from an industry insider and form their own opinions.

My wife and I actually attended a COMFREE seminar a few months ago  where you can learn “how to sell your home on your own.”  We went more or less just to see what it was all about and to learn about their model and the competition.  I thought it would be a lot of realtor bashing but they were actually pretty good.  In fact COMFREE now has many realtors on their staff.

COMFREE has developed an interesting business model.  They have come up with a wide variety of services to offer to the consumer and the consumer can pick and choose what services meet their needs and budget.  The speaker went through all the different packages but when it came to FULL package I started doing the math and couldn’t help but think- wow you are getting up there quick.  If you go with the full package this includes things like MLS listing, full signage, professional photos, support with negotiating, paperwork, legal advice etc. you are getting pretty close to $2000 plus you still have to do all the work of a realtor- showings, answering phone, open houses, advertising and so on.  The problem is they present the packages in a piece meal form that makes it seem like you are paying less.

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