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Dufferin-Bloor subway station

October 23, 2014


The Dufferin-Bloor subway station, located on the western edge of the up-and-coming Bloordale Village neighbourhood, is arguably one of the most bustling stations within Dovercourt Wallace Emerson Junction in Toronto. The 29 Dufferin bus travels one of the busiest routes in the city, and a reported 25,000 people pass through the subway platforms daily.

Over the past few years, the station has undergone redevelopment to acquire desperately needed upgrades. No doubt the gentrification of the neighbourhood has increased the flow of traffic in to and out of this station; however, the station has long been a thoroughfare for passengers travelling downtown.

Dufferin-Bloor subway station receives more than a faceliftThe redevelopment project is making enormous improvements to station accessibility. For starters, it will simply have more space. The station will also be equipped with elevator access to both the eastbound and westbound platforms. Additionally, sliding doors have been added to all entrances.

New exits have been installed at Russett Avenue and Bloor Street west of  Dufferin, which helps to relieve congestion from the main entrance and exit off of Dufferin.

A landscaped pathway is also being built from Russett Avenue to Dufferin, which will feature additional bicycle parking.

The new architecture is bright with high ceilings and large windows, allowing light to stream into what was once a dreary station.

A highlight of the redevelopment is the station’s new wall art created by Canadian design firm spmb. The art consists of colourful wall tiles with pixilated abstracts sprinkled throughout. The abstracts represent local events, experiences, and icons tying the community and neighbourhood into the redesign.

The  redevelopment extenuates the overall improvements the neighbourhood is experiencing. New restaurants and shops have moved in. There are street festivals and park redevelopments. What was once a less than desirable area, has witnessed a rebirth of community.

House prices have also significantly increased over the last five years, reflecting a change in the neighbourhood’s overall demographics. Living  within a five-minute walk to a redeveloped subway station has only added to the appeal of buying a home in the area. This has certainly become a community to invest in.

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