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Doom and Gloom

February 12, 2013

Do you hear that?


Exactly. I don't hear any doom and gloom either.


For the last two years all we were told was the world economy was set to crash due to financial troubles in Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal. We were told China was going to be in severe trouble and that might make all the dominos fall. The Americans were going over their ‘fiscal cliff’. When I look at the year-end reports for most countries their stock indexes look fairly good, but that certainly was not what we were led to believe.


The January 18, 2013 Globe and Mail Business section says ‘Finally, U.S. seems poised for a sustained recovery’. The U.S. is seeing good increases in housing starts and that is a sure sign of confidence.  

I know this is going to be a long road and there is no easy way out, but I choose to look for the encouraging stories and stay on the positive side.  I’m looking forward to how the 2013 housing market shapes up!


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