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No More Hibernation for Barrie Real Estate

January 18, 2013

It wasn’t that many years ago that Real Estate in the Barrie area pretty much came to a halt for a few months every winter and went into hibernation, just like the bears.  Many agents would take a prolonged holiday in Southern locations and come back in time for the Spring Market.


Well those days are gone and here’s the proof.  In the last two days there have been 54 homes listed on the Barrie Real Estate Board.  Our brokerage at http://www.rlpbarrie.com/ is full of activity and agents are working on deals as I write this blog. In my opinion, the reason for all this is mainly the lack of typical winter weather. The fact that homes and backyards are not covered in three feet of snow has a dramatic effect on how buyers behave. There are people looking to buy homes two and three weeks after Christmas and that is a big change in this marketplace. So if you’re thinking that you have to wait for the Robins to return to list your home it’s just not true any more.  And that’s great news!

I would be happy to have a conversation with you on this topic so feel to contact me.


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