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Life at University #2

January 16, 2013

The student house hunt in Kingston continues.  My daughter and her three friends have gone to a few showings of homes and feel that they are now ready to make a decision.  I mentioned previously that the girls wrote up a wish list of things they want in their home and things they can’t put up with.

Details like distance to campus, number of bedrooms, a clean kitchen and bathroomTypical student bedroom have all been very important.  Well, going through this process has also brought to light my daughter’s unwillingness to live in a bungalow.  She has always lived in two storey homes and has always been keenly aware of her safety at home.  She has certain quirks when it comes to sleeping and one thing became very important to her: she has to sleep on a second floor.  She just isn’t comfortable sleeping on the main floor of a house.  Now that she is out looking for suitable student housing, this condition has become almost more important than any other.

I think everyone should have a wish list when they’re looking at homes, whether you are looking to rent or buy.  You can’t just decide to look at a bunch of homes without a plan or you could become overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.  If you’re in the mood to buy or rent a home, sit down with a paper and pen and write down all the things you like and dislike about your current home.  Whether you currently rent, own, or live with your parents, there are things you like and dislike about your current living conditions.  Write them down. Pay attention to those things when you go through potential new homes.  It will make the process much easier and you’ll be much happier when you move in.

I’m so glad my daughter and her future roommates wrote down and discussed their wish lists.  It’s hard enough to get a bunch of girls to agree on everything all the time, but at least they’re entering into this with open communication.  I think that’s a pretty good start.


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