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The Importance of the Weber Name

January 2, 2013

On a fairly regular basis, especially with new clients, I will be asked if I am any relation to the WEBERS HAMBURGER business on Hwy #11 North of Orillia.  I am always proud to answer YES. That was my father, Paul Weber, who opened the hamburger stand in 1963, fifty years ago next July.  And I was very proud to own and operate the Webers Downtowner in Barrie and Orillia for many years.

People still comment on the quality of service at Webers and that is something that was very important to my family. 

Today I feel the same way about quality service to my Real Estate clients.  I have no desire to be the biggest mass producer in Real Estate, just as my father never wanted to be the next McDonald’s. When you get too big you can't look after the thing that really matters: the client.  My father taught me a lot about customer service and doing it right and it's my goal to be sure my Real Estate clients receive that same great ‘Webers service’.



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