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December 31, 2012

I discovered a really good service that I think many of my real estate clients should think about. The name of this Barrie, Ontario company is Total Recall Canada. The owner comes into your home and photographs what you have in each of your rooms.  Then, with a computer program, he numbers all the items and you and he place a value to each.  He catalogues furniture, artwork, electronics, appliances, sports equipment and, a big one many people never think of, is an inventory of your clothes. What would it cost to replace every suit, leather jacket, expensive pair of boots and shoes?

It's not so much what is the replacement value as it is what did we have before the fire or break-in?  And now, how do we prove it to our insurance company?

The owner of Total Recall Canada is a Fireman and he has seen first hand the damage and destruction that is left behind after a fire.  The owner’s name is Robert Fex and you can reach him by phone at  705 796-5873, or you can click on his website: TotalRecallCanada.com.

I am confident in recommending Robert. If you have any feedback or opinions please feel free to let me know.


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