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More Than Just A For Sale Sign

December 15, 2012

Many people, I'm sure, think of an experience with a Realtor as consisting of ‘the sale’  and then everyone goes their separate way.


Well, I see it as quite a different experience. The sale is only one part of the experience and there is so much more that can go on before the sale and, in some cases, after the sale. Here is one example.

I started working with clients in August of 2012.  April, my professional stager, and I met with them twice and brought in my professional photographer to take outside pictures. The property is beautifully landscaped and I wanted a record of how the gardens look in the summer since we aren’t listing the home until February 2013. So, to review, the relationship started in August, we will list in February, and it may close in May.  That's ten months and I am fine with that. Real Estate does not happen overnight. This home needs some painting and cosmetic work and the clients would prefer to take their time and be 100% ready for a strong ‘Spring Market’.  I support them in that and I am more than happy to work on their schedule since they are willing to act on April's suggestions to add value to their home. 

I have kept in contact with the clients on a regular basis to check in and see how things are coming along.  On one recent visit they had started to paint the kitchen and the color was not right.  April and I met at the house and looked into why the color seemed different than what April recommended. We went to the paint store and they explained they had a computer problem a few months ago that caused the color difference.  They replaced the paint no charge.

This is an example of how there is so much more involved than just putting up a For Sale sign.  My focus is on the entire process and experience.




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