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Outdoor Living - Invest in Yourself!

July 10, 2011

Outdoor Living-Invest in Yourself

   Great Backyards start with some  idea of how you'd like to utilize your space. This evolves over time as your family grows up. Initially it may be a priority to fence the backyard to keep pets and children in a controlled area. A playset or sandbox may be part of the evolution.  A pool, deck, patio, and bbq area may also be part of your requirements. 

   Creating a private backyard oasis can happen in even the smallest backyard if appropriate screening material (pergola, arbours, lattice, trellis) are utilized along with the right plant varieties (vines, columnar trees, ornamental grasses and evergreens...).  Having your own oasis and enjoying it rather than working to maintain it is the real trick.  Use materials such as pressed concrete patios, Trex composite decking, pvc lattice that require very little maintenace.  Encorporate plant material than requires little pruning and care (there are alot of new varieties that have been created recently that will fit the bill). Add mulch to your gardens to reduced weeding and watering........

  Create, Build, Plant and Enjoy!!!!

Rick's Backyard Garden and Patio

 Outdoor Living-Invest in Yourself


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