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Lawn Care Tips

July 8, 2011

Rick's Tips..Lawn Care Tips...


Lawn Care Tips

  There is No Miracle, Easy Way of Creating and Maintaining a Great Lawn, Constant Care and Attention is Required.....

Soil: The most important element to minimize extra maintenance costs is a deep and rich soil layer. Unfortunately most of us have clay soil that becomes hard and dry during July and August. On existing lawns the addition of gypsum and compost
every few years show vast signs of improvement in lawn conditions. A good foundation is the key to any project.

Watering: The 2nd most important element in maintaining a healthy lawn. This is also the part most homeowners neglect or become tired of. During May, water well every 10 days. In June, water well every 7 days, in July & August, water well twice a week, in September & October water well every 2 weeks...

Feeding: 3rd on the list! Feeding regularly and feeding well will fortify your lawn and minimize the use of chemicals to combat weeds and bugs. Like a healthy person whose body can fend off illness without drugs, so too can your lawns. By purchasing a lawn care program you get into the habit of feeding your lawn on a regular basis, not just when it’s looking unhealthy.

Mowing: This part of the maintenance procedure requires the most time. It can be a chore or a therapeutic break from your hectic pace. Sharpen your blade every April. Cut the lawn twice a week in April & May. Raise the wheel level 2-3 notches mid June and cut weekly during the hot summer months. Lower the wheels in September by a notch or two and continue with a weekly cutting through October...

Corrective Care:

Aeration/Dethatching: Aerate heavy traffic areas and clay soils every 3-5 years. Dethatch lawns every 3 years, & overseed and top dress to help re-thicken quickly [see our Seeding Successfully info sheet].

Crabgrass Control: Is most effective in April & May with a  Weed Seed Inhibitor and Lawn Fertilizer with Corn Gluten to prevent this annual grass from germinating.

Weeds: Keeping your lawn thick is the best preventative. If weeds are present hand picking them with a weed picker, applying a  Wed Seed Inhibitor and Lawn Fertilizer with  Corn Gluten  in April and July will prevent weed seeds from germinating..

Weed B' Gone  is now available as a broadleaf weed control. Simply spray a small amount on actively growing weeds!

Grubs & Bugs: Once again a healthy lawn is the key to minimizing damage from bugs, skunks and raccoons. If a grub problem arises use Nematodes(natural predator of grubs), apply in May-June and again in September-October.....these microscopic bugs attack the grubs that are eating the roots of your lawn!


                (Rick's Lawn in July)

    Spending less time, chemicals and money on your lawn and getting great results starts with up to date knowledge and budgeting a little time each week in the care of your lawn. 

  A Great Looking Lawn makes a great first impression and displays pride of ownership which will help sell your home quicker......... 



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