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Beautiful Gardens? Selling Your Home!

July 8, 2011

Beautiful Gardens? Selling Your Home!

Beauty to Some is an eye sore to others!!!

by Rick Pecman,  Realtor & Horticulturalist

  After 25 years of meticulous planting, designing, collecting, pruning, transplanting, fertilizing, splitting, soil amending, mulching, watering.....it’s time to MOVE!!!!! 

      For many gardeners this is like leaving a loved one behind!  You’ve tended to them, talked to them and probably even cursed them a few times and you sure feel guilty having to leave them in the hands of strangers!!  Gardening and the joy of gardens has different meanings and functions, just as paintings provide a range of emotions to each person in a different way.    

      Those gardens were special to you and with a little tweaking they can be simplified and made ready for gardeners and non gardeners alike to enjoy.  Just like de-cluttering the inside of your home with years of accumulated collectables and knick knacks , when moving it’s time to de-clutter your garden and simplify!!  This takes a bit of planning, but most gardeners are quite good at planning, they’re just susceptible to impulse purchases of unusual plants, pretty blooms and garden accessories.. 

        First determine if there are any heritage or special plants you’d like to take with you, give to a relative or friend.  These plants can be removed and potted up to await their new home.  When selling your home it is advantageous to have the homes, gardens and outdoor living areas appeal to as many buyers as possible.  Inside your home we recommend to de-clutter, de-personalize, freshen-up, utilize soothing/conservative colours, repair any obvious damage or worn features/fixtures and create as much space as possible by re-arranging the furniture (even storing some pieces that are too strong or large for the room).....

        Your gardens are no different.  You need to de-clutter, simplify and create a low maintenance garden with a wow appeal!!!  If you’re a collector of nice flowering plants and have a wide range of varieties and 1 or 2 of each plant, it’s time to simplify!!  Leave 3-5 feature plants in each garden, and connect these feature plants with easy to care for plants that give more than they receive!!  Use 15 of the same plant, same variety in these gardens to harmonize the gardens and make them look good from a distance (the patio or deck).  There are many plants that can be used: Astilbes, Hostas and Hydrangeas in the shade, Dwarf Daylillies, Rudbeckia, Autumn Joy Sedum, Magic Carpet Spirea, Midnight Wine Weigela in the sun.....Tulips, Hyacinths if selling in the spring..... Carpet Roses..... 

        If there are a large number of miscellaneous plants  left over after revamping your garden you can donate them to the garden club plant sale or see if any neighbours need a few fillers!!

        Pruning your evergreens so they look tidy instead of wild will give the prospective buyer  a feeling of enjoyment from your gardens rather than thinking of them as work.  Make sure all tall weeds are removed, the garden crisply edged and freshly mulched. 

                               CURB APPEAL!!      

        From the roadway your gardens should look clean and plants in proportion to the size & shape of your home.  At least 50% of the plants in the front gardens should be evergreens to give structure to the gardens even  during those bleak months.  Plants should be pruned to give a clean, inviting appearance, weeds removed, gardens mulched, shrubs removed or pruned that encroach the front walkway.  The lawn cut and fertilized regularly.  Any trees/evergreens touching the windows or eaves trimmed. Fresh colorful pots of flowers and baskets (don’t skimp here!!) should be clustered in threes and maintained daily!!  During the winter months use evergreen boughs and twigs in pots and baskets to accent the front porch or landing areas...  exceed expectations to maximize your returns,,,,





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