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Clients can interview real estate agents

September 24, 2012


A short time ago I had a conversation with someone looking to sell their home.

They told me they would like to talk to me about how I go about the process, but unfortunately they already had an agent coming over to discuss listing their home. I said that's fine, have the other agent come over and I would be happy to come over a few hours after to discuss my Real Estate "strategy for success". They were surprised that this was allowed.  Their impression was once they have spoken to an agent they are bound to that agent. I clearly explained to them that you can interview ten different Real Estate agents but you can only sign one contract.

They had no idea they were allowed to do comparison shopping for services. And as things turned out they preferred the services I offer so we got their home listed and it sold eight days later!


 It's a curious thing that people in many cases do more research into what flat screen T.V. they are going to buy than who they are going to entrust the sale of their home to? 


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