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HomeFinder Launches Advanced Search

July 5, 2011

We've just rolled out some updates to the site that we'd like to tell you about.

More Search Options

In addition to our standard search terms, like price range, bedrooms, bathrooms, and property type, you can now search HomeFinder for properties that:

  • have a certain number of parking spaces
  • feature a rec room
  • have an upcoming open house
  • have a new price
  • are "hot" according to our hot listing algorithm

These changes improve the power of HomeFinder's search considerably.

Switch From Metric To Imperial Measurements

Many Canadians still prefer imperial measurements, so a frequently requested feature has been the ability to switch HomeFinder's room dimensions from metric to imperial units.

We've been listening and we added this feature.  Now, at the bottom of the list of dimensions for a home's rooms, you'll see a link that says "SWITCH TO IMPERIAL" (or "SWITCH TO METRIC" if you're currently viewing in imperial) that lets you do just that.

Your measurement unit preference will be saved.  As well as saving it when you use this feature, you can now access all of your settings from the Dashboard.  Right now, that's the only setting you'll see, but that will change over time.

Room Levels Are Added

Our list of rooms on each listing now includes the level the room is on.

This is typically something like "main", "second floor", etc.  Sometimes, however, you'll notice that this field says "flat".

My take on this is that the person entering in the information was a bit confused about what the "level" field was for, and entered "flat" to indicate that yes, the room is entirely level, without any slope at all.  If so, it makes me chuckle.  If you've got a different theory, add it to the comments - I'd love to read about it.

In the weeks ahead we'll keep updating the site.

We've got some great new features planned and we'll tell you all about it when we roll them out.  In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think about these changes.


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