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Top 3 Automated Devices for the Home

September 7, 2012

Laser Robot Vacuum


Neato Robotics has taken house cleaning to the next level with a laser bot that goes where other vacuums can’t.  It scans, maps, and plans then cleans all floor types efficiently without bumping thanks to its highly sensitive sensors. And after a day’s work its homing device returns it to the charger where it readies itself for the next round.





Tired of the old “rock-a-bye” routine? 4moms can help, with their new mamaRoo that has five unique motions, reversible toy balls, mp3 connection, and seat reclines. This is sure to hold any baby’s interest so can get your work done!

Sun Tunnel





Craving some Vitamin D? The Velux Sun Tunnel makes it possible to enjoy sunlight in a part of your house that wouldn’t usually have windows. This innovative skylight brightens up rooms with natural light as a flexible tube can navigate rocky paths out to light and bring a small round portal of light!


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