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Top 3 Parisian Décor Ideas

September 5, 2012

Simmering with French je ne sais quoi these chic décor ideas transform any interior into a Parisian fairy tale.

1.       The stenciled bedroom.


Photo Source:  http://deathbykerning.blogspot.ca/2008/07/parisian-decor.html

This shabby chic look is easy to assemble with a stencil kit and some paint.  For the headboard using black and brown spray paint to cover it and then smudge it using sponges will achieve the rustic look. The wall can either be wallpapered with wheat coloured paper or the look can be achieved using paint and sponges. The writing on the wall requires a bit of black paint and stencils of your choice.

2.      The Gold Room


Photo Source: http://materialgirlsblog.com/dallas/files/2009/09/gold.jpg

The French like to design their room around light and as can be seen here the window is the focal point. Colours and accessories are important as the soft blue complements the grey hued walls with stenciled flowers.  A touch of gold spray paint on the desk and chair adds the needed gold accents to convey haute couture.


3.    Luxe Bathroom


This feminine retreat is complete with checkered black and white floor designs, ivory walls, wrought iron table and candles.  Adding some flowers would help amp the romantic vibe.


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