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Who should I spend money on, my clients or myself?

August 28, 2012


It seems like an odd question, right?  Here's how I see it.  I have a limited pool of funds to spend on my business. I can be like some Realtors and spend it on my image by getting my face out there in weekly ads, billboards or bus benches, etc.  I, however, choose not to go that route. I have made a very conscious choice to focus my expenses on my clients rather than on my self-promotion.  Besides, 85% of real estate enquiries that lead to sales begin on-line!


Print ads in the Advance or Examiner offer limited room to properly advertise your listing.  Lots of Realtors rely on this type of advertising, and there are numerous consumers who read through these papers every week to see what homes are available.  But sometimes it seems like these ads are more a way to keep the Realtor’s name out there and don’t necessarily help sell the listing.  Have I used print ads to advertise my listings?  Yes, I have. But because I don’t always see value for the money I spend on these ads, more and more I choose to spend on things I know bring results.  I prefer to spend my money on a top-notch stager and professional photographer, on keeping my website current and informative, on an assistant to keep me focused and keep my clients’ needs looked after.


I believe that with happy clients who receive positive results with my ‘system for success’, they will do most of my advertising for me.  And I believe that they will do a much better job than the Thursday real estate section of the paper.


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