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Good listings take time

August 9, 2012

Good listings require time . . . . .


I just had my third appointment with listing clients. This was a 2 1/2 hour meeting to review the stager’s four page report. You might ask why I spend so much time and have so many meetings before the home is even listed?  Why not, ‘just bang a sign into the front lawn and wait for the phone to ring.’

That is not how it works.  Good listings need time to be brought up to their maximum potential. Yes it takes time, money and patience for the vendors and myself to work out details and to make sure the vendors get the best results.  Next week we will take the outdoor photos. Since the home is not being listed until next Spring I am planning ahead so that we can showcase how beautiful the gardens look when they are at their prime.

This is my favourite type of client to work with because they are aware of how the market works and see the value in preparation.  When we are ready list I am confident we will get the desired results.


As I tell all my clients, "it's never about how quickly we list the home, it's about how well we list the home!"


"Weber" your buying or selling call John


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