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What's Your Rush?

July 26, 2012



I frequently ask myself and my clients this question.

I am a strong believer that it is not a race to get your home listed. I would much rather give your home the time it needs to show at it's very best.  This way it makes a great first impression and then the most money possible for my seller clients. Whether your home needs painting, the gardens spruced up, driveway sealed, garage doors replaced

etc. it is worthwhile to look after these things.  Then, when I bring in my professional photographer the camera will love your home and really show off all its beauty & value.

I just met with clients this week and we did a two hour consultation with my professional stager. We shared ideas and recommendations and we plan on listing the home in April of next year. Now the sellers have plenty of time to work on the list of improvements and that will allow them to hit the Spring market in the best possible shape.  For some people this may seem hard to believe but great planning will always lead to great results.




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