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Phone...Don't Email!!

June 26, 2012


How many of you prefer to email or text a client?  How many of you text or email co-workers?  And how many of you rely on electronics to stay in touch with your kids or significant other?

If you’re my age you come from a time when you were lucky to have more than one ‘land-line’ phone in the house.  At that time you called people when you needed to discuss something, and the really important stuff was done face to face because the phone was impersonal.

Then the cell phone or car phone became a novelty and everyone wanted one.  The next thing you know the phones are getting smaller, easier to use, and it was unusual if you didn’t have one. 

Now I find myself in a new predicament.  Everyone wants to email or text me.  There are days I am utterly overwhelmed by the number of emails that come in and the number of text messages I receive.  And these messages are from colleagues, clients and family…it’s all a commonly accepted form of communication.   Have we really arrived at an age when a phone call is considered intrusive, time consuming, inconvenient, and only used for the really important stuff?  How sad that getting together for lunch or a drink to catch up haven taken a back seat to an email or text.

I wonder sometimes if I’m the only one who misses the old days!


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