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Learn the 3 most important things to avoid prior to listing your home for resale. Plus how to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Firstly, homes that do not sell show poorly when prospective buyers come to see the home.  When homes show cluttered or worse, messy, prospective buyers spend less time in the home during viewings. 

Secondly, homes that have off smells in the home are sure to encourage a prospective buyer to spend their money elsewhere.  Smells from lingering smoke, a dirty litterbox, musty smells from a wet basement are sure ways to keep your home on the market.

We are in year 2012.  Over 95% of all homebuyers start searching for a home on the internet.  It is critical to have top notch photography of your home on the internet.  The internet sells homes 24 hours a day 7 days a week, make sure you have a top notch internet presentation showcasing the positives features of your home. 

The flat out fact being homes that do not sell are not priced properly.  If a home has not sold at a certain price, for 60 days, then the seller has a choice....they can lower their asking price to reflect the current condition of the home OR improve the home to reflect the current price of the home.  All homes that are properly priced will sell.  It is upto each seller if they deisre to maximize the  value of their home investment by improving a home an eliminating the defiencies prior to selling to attain a higher price.....OR to put the home on the market in as is condition and see what ther market will bear.  In real life, most sellers find a happy medium somewhere between these two scenarios.

Sellers can eliminate the stress of selling by STAGING their home prior to putting their home on the market.  Staging will showcase your home to the best of its ability and eliminate the nagging issues that will deter most buyers.  Staging puts your home at the top of buyers awaremess and gives sellers an advantage over the other homes on the market that are cluttered, messy or smelly.

The Daryl Radovich Home Selling System makes life real easy for sellers.  As part of my listing commission I not only will explain what a seller needs to do to prepare their home for resale, I bring in the professionals to get the work done just like the television shows.  Then I pay for a pre listing home inspection to ensure that their will be no surprises later in the process, then i hire a professional photographer to to showcase your home with digital pictures and virtual tours.  This is all part of my listing commission.

If you are a seller make sure you avoid the 3 biggest mistakes when selling your home.  All it takes is a little planning.




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