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Would You MOVE OUT To Sell?

June 6, 2012


You want to sell your home.  You’ve been waiting for the perfect home to come along and it finally has.  You make your offer and put your current home on the market.  But, what exactly are you willing to do to get your home sold?  Would you MOVE OUT?

You and your spouse both work, you have 3 active kids, a dog and a cat.  It’s not easy to keep your home in tip-top condition to show at a moment’s notice.

You have teenagers and an old dog.  You work shifts, the kids go to high school and work part-time. It’s hard to know what condition your house is left in at any given moment.  But you really need to move.

Have you ever considered NOT living there while your home is listed?  Sound like a crazy idea?  Believe it or not, I have a client who offered to move out to give me the best possible scenario to showcase his home. It won’t be the practical solution for everyone but it’s worth thinking about. If you were able to live with friends, family, or move into your new home early, your current home could be left in ideal showing condition.  Never a dirty dish in the sink, never a bed left unmade, never a dog or cat to worry about.  It would be as if your potential buyers were visiting a model home each time they walked through the door.

From an agent’s point of view it’s an ideal scenario because it enables buying agents to book short notice showings and to get a beautiful, unimpeded view of your home.  And it reduces the stress on you because you just have to get your home ready once.  You can put all the finishing touches on and then leave knowing nothing will be messed up.

What do you think?  Would YOU move out to sell?


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