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My Shoe Repair Experience

May 31, 2012

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We all think there’s an easy, cost cutting way to do most things.  You don’t ALWAYS have to consult with a specialist, right?


So just yesterday I was working and noticed that the sole of my shoe had come apart.  Well, that’s certainly an easy thing to fix! Why should I spend the time and effort to take my little ole shoe to Gold’s Shoe Service on Clapperton St in Barrie? Anyone can re-glue the sole of a shoe. All I need is some crazy glue.  It’ll be a piece of cake. And I don’t have to waste time driving downtown.


The glue didn’t hold. I didn’t have any clamps. It just wouldn’t work.  The whole process was a failure! 


When you think about it, the same thing applies to selling your home. Do you have the market knowledge, advertising resources, marketing tools and time to successfully sell your own home?  Selling your home takes a lot of work: it takes an expert in the field.  Just like shoe repair. 


I’m off to Gold’s...where they always look after me!


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