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Tips for Securing Your Home over March Break

February 27, 2019

The March Break school holiday is a wonderful opportunity for families to get away during the last part of the winter season. But because it’s such a popular time for people to travel, it’s not uncommon for home break-ins and thefts to occur. If you don’t want to worry about your house the whole time, follow these tips to ensure it’s secured while you’re on vacation.

Timing is everything

If you want to make it look really obvious that you’re away, leave the house in darkness for the full week. People might not notice the first day, but after a while, it will become clear that you’re not at home. Instead, you should set your lights to a timer that will come on during certain times each day — especially the porch light in the evening.

You can also use smart light bulbs and an app to turn on interior lights at random times. Flick on the front room, bedroom and kitchen lights throughout the evening so that it looks like you are home. You can also have a neighbour or friend do this for you if you don’t have smart home tech.

Lock it up

Don’t just lock the doors and assume that’s enough. Make sure the garage door is locked, plus the interior door that goes into the house. Lock all windows from the inside, and close the curtains so that no one can peer into your home to check out what you have.

Alarm: armed and ready

Have a home security system installed. You can do this through a service provider or by using a smart system you can operate and disarm with your phone or tablet.

You can also use smart security cameras to record intruders or lurkers.

Hire a house-sitter

While you can thwart strangers with your timers and alarms, nothing quite replaces a real human presence. Most thieves don’t want a hassle — they don’t want to encounter anyone. If it’s obvious that someone is staying there, or at least frequenting your place to check on it, this might be enough to deter thieves from attempting to break in.

Your house-sitter can also get your mail, water your indoor plants and take care of pets, if you have any.

Unplug … literally

Not all threats involve crime — sometimes it’s just bad luck. To prevent an electrical issue, unplug unnecessary devices from the wall. Of course, you’ll want to keep the fridge, freezer and lights working, but most everything else can be unplugged until you return.

Stay off social

Lastly, don’t announce on social media that you’re going away, and don’t post photos of your vacation while you’re away. Save all the sharing, tagging and posting for when you return. You don’t want to broadcast that you’re vacating your home for a week.

Don’t forget to have fun, and don’t worry — as long as you take every precaution, your home should still be in one piece when you return!

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