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Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal … in the Winter

January 02, 2019

Think that you can’t make your home’s exterior and yard look nice during the winter? Wrong. There are plenty of things you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal, even when it’s cold, icy and snowy. You don’t always have a choice of when you put your house up for sale, so it’s important to do what you can to beautify the front yard.

Clear walkways

While clearing walkways is generally done for safety, this chore also serves an esthetic purpose. Having a neat and tidy front walkway looks nice from the street, without those piles of dirty stomped-down snow. Everything should look cared for and maintained.

In addition to walkways, make sure the driveway is cleared, too. Appearances are everything. If you demonstrate that you are taking good care of your home on the outside, it will give people faith that the interior reflects this as well.

Add plants (yes … for winter)

While you can’t obviously have a flower garden during the Canadian winter, you can have plants that work for all seasons. The obvious choice is evergreen shrubs. Plant a holly bush, cypress or cedar.

Another thing you can add to your garden that will work in winter is tall grasses. Yes, they will be brown and dry, but covered in a light layer of snow they will look beautiful. Ornamental grasses are so versatile and look nice both dead and alive. 

Add lighting

During the winter months the sun sets much earlier, so illuminating your home becomes much more important. While a porch light is crucial, you should consider some spotlights and exterior sconce lighting.

Not only does this allow your home to be seen from the road at night, but it also highlights some of your house’s most unique features.

You can also add lighting along the walkway to the door. This provides safety and just looks good.

Bottom line: dark houses give people uneasy feelings.

Front door

Consider painting your front door. You can choose a bright or bold colour, but just make sure it suits the colour scheme of the rest of the exterior. If it works well, it will draw attention to your house in a positive way.

You can also choose a neutral colour for a monochromatic look, but consider hanging a wreath on the door for some visual interest to draw in the eye.

House number and mailbox

Other small but impactful changes include getting new house numbers and a mailbox. You want the house numbers to be easy to read, while also being stylistically interesting. Choose a style that matches your home. If you have an older home, go with a classic look, but if you have a modern home, you should pick something that suits it.

Lean into the season

Instead of fighting against winter, go with the flow. Embrace the winter and make it work for you. Add winter decor — such as wreaths and urns with birchbark limbs, evergreen boughs and clear twinkling lights.

You want your home to look inviting, even though it’s hibernation season!

This isn’t just important for those selling their homes. If you plan to go away for an extended period during the winter months, make sure your house looks lived in and cared for while you’re gone.

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