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Make Your Home Warmer This Winter

December 05, 2018

It’s cold outside! And while it can be uncomfortable, that’s where it should be cold. Where you definitely do not want it to be cold during the winter months is inside your home. Your home should be your escape from the cold. It should protect you from those sub-zero temperatures. If you’re feeling a bit of a draft inside the house, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and bring some warmth back into your home.

Insulation is key

You can try every trick in the book to warm up your house, and it will all be a wasted effort if you don’t have good insulation. Without even touching the thermostat, insulation can make a huge difference. Keeping the elements out while staying in control of your indoor climate will keep you warm, all while saving on energy costs.

Be strategic with curtains

Windows are a wonderful thing. They let in natural light and fresh air during the warmer months. Windows can also be tricky when it comes to climate control during the winter. While having quality windows with a good seal is key, you can do other things to control the temperature just by opening and closing the curtains at strategic times.

This means leaving them open during the day — especially on sunny days — and closing them at night. Hang heavy drapes that can block out the cold when closed for best results.

Go high-tech

There’s a lot of smart home tech out there, and it all looks so cool and cutting edge. However, you need to decide which gadgets are useful and which are just nice to have. If you choose any smart technology for your home, go with a thermostat. Smart thermostats are not only programmable but also easy to use and can be controlled using an app on your smart device.

This means you can keep your home at a lower temperature while you’re at work or out for a long period of time, then adjust the thermostat remotely before you come home. This way it will be warm and toasty when you open the door. Save energy and still be comfortable with an upgraded thermostat.

Cover floors

If you have tile and wood flooring, make sure you have some area rugs. These rugs create a barrier between your feet and the solid floor. Rugs also act like a layer of insulation, keeping the cold out.

Close unused rooms

In unused rooms, close off the ducts and vents so that the heat only has to reach your living spaces. If there are thermostats in unused rooms, disable them so that you’re not wasting heat where it’s not needed.

Wood fireplaces work

While many homeowners prefer gas fireplaces over the wood burning variety due to the mess, if maintained (and up to today’s standards), wood burning fireplaces are a great source of heat for a relatively low cost. Rather than ending up on your gas bill, your costs will be in purchasing wood. Look for local sources of firewood and buy in bulk for the season. Also, close the chimney flue so that less heat escapes out the chimney.

Purposeful furniture placement

Don’t let your large furniture absorb all the heat! You want to arrange your rooms so that the heat can circulate throughout, with few obstructions. Move furniture away from vents and radiators so that the warmth moves freely.

Just by making a few changes — lifestyle and renovations — you can bring the temperature up in your home by a few degrees. Be comfortable indoors and let the weather outside be frightful!

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