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Give Your Home a Cozy Makeover with Winter Decor

December 05, 2018

Out with the pumpkins and gourds and in with the pine cones and birch logs — winter decor is here. It’s time to lean into the cozy style so that you can ride out the cold weather in comfort.

Winter decor features cool tones and warm accents with rustic charm. While you don’t have to transform your home into a cozy cabin or a ski lodge, you can bring in elements of each to create a uniquely Canadian home this season.

Make the fireplace the focal point

During the summer months the only place you want to see a roaring fire is at a campsite or cottage, but during the cold Canadian winter it’s a welcomed feature. Not only does the fireplace provide ambiance to the room, but it also creates literal warmth! Because the fireplace is such a focal point in any room during the colder months, it makes sense to add decor to the mantel.

Winter mantel decorations can include evergreen garlands, white pillar candles of varying heights, lanterns, vases filled with bare branches, spray-painted pine cones and birch bark accents.

Position your furniture so that it’s pointed towards the fireplace, and then curl up on the couch with some tea or hot chocolate and watch the flames flicker.

Deck the door

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! Get yourself a seasonal wreath that you can leave up until March. Choose (or DIY) a wreath with whites, greys, browns and greens.

Use colours that complement the door, while still adding in wintery elements. Unless your door is red, avoid using the colour, as it might look too Christmasy. Cooler tones look best, as warm colours look more autumnal.

The pièce de résistance

While the fireplace is the focal point of a living room (if you have one), every dining room needs a centrepiece to tie in the season. Remove all the pumpkins and leaves and replace them with something a bit cooler.

Snowy white flowers with evergreen accents and rustic touches can make your table look like a winter wonderland. Birch and burlap with pine cones, candles and lanterns can really bring the outside in, without the cold!

Cozy up the couch

If you want to enjoy a winter of hibernating on the couch, you could at least make it fashionably cozy. Add a faux fur throw or cable knit blankets and fuzzy pillows to the couch that will be both fabulous and functional as you hunker down for some prime indoor R&R. Whether you’re watching movies on a snow day or sipping coffee by the fire, enjoy wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket.

By adding just a few wintery touches to your home, you can transform it without renovating or buying large-scale furnishings.

Welcome winter with this new decor! Get creative and have fun!

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