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Decor For Your Unfinished Basement? Yes, It’s a Thing

November 21, 2018

Whether you’ve moved into a new build or an older home, an unfinished basement doesn’t have to be a dungeon. While you might not have a finished living space down there, there’s no reason to make it a complete writeoff.

Refinishing a basement is a big expense. It could take years to save for that kind of renovation! Or, perhaps you don’t mind having an unfinished basement, as it’s a great place to store stuff. Either way, it’s possible to have a nice, comfortable unfinished basement if you just add a few touches.

Remove moisture

Before you can add any personal touches or creature comforts to your basement, you need to eradicate the dampness! Use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air. Unfinished basements are known for being cold and damp. The dampness adds to the chill, so by drying it out it will feel less cold.

Rugs and pillows

Concrete floors feel cold on your feet, so put down some area rugs to warm those toes! Whether you’re going downstairs to get stuff from storage or to do laundry, feel comfortable while you’re there.

If you have an old TV set up downstairs for kids or teens, you can make an unofficial lounge area with the rugs and some floor pillows. Kids can watch TV or play with their toys in the basement in a comfortable area, even though the basement is unfinished.

Upgraded lighting

If your basement is lit by a single bulb hanging from the ceiling with a pull chain, upgrade that for something slightly nicer. With an exposed/open ceiling, you won’t be able to hang a proper fixture, but you could get cooler options.

Edison bulbs are very trendy right now — making exposed bulbs look chic and vintage. You can get a neat industrial/rustic look with these. Plus, Edison bulbs give off a warm glow, adding to that cozy feeling you want to achieve in an otherwise cold and drab space.


Compared to renovating, painting is cheap! Brighten up the basement by painting the walls. Whether you’re painting exposed brick or the pipes in the ceiling, a fresh colour can lighten up the space. White, or another pastel colour, will do wonders, as unfinished basements tend to be very dark.

If you have plans to fully finish the basement in the future, a coat of paint is a good solution in the meantime to make the room livable.

Add storage

An unfinished basement is basically one huge storage locker! When you moved in, you probably put all the boxes you didn’t want to deal with down there, plus seasonal items. If those boxes are still stacked to this day, it’s time to organize!

Just because you haven’t finished the basement doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give the space purpose. Buy some simple shelving and get those boxes up off the damp floor. It’s important to do this to prevent damage and to make finding stuff easier. Nothing’s worse than having to go through stacks of boxes looking for something.

Open concept

Embrace the openness of the design! Leave the exposed ceiling and the wide-open space. If you’re not ready to finish the basement, you may as well take advantage of the openness.

The bigger and brighter the space, the better it will feel when you’re down there. Dark basements with small rooms and low light are not welcoming.

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