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Shedding Some Light on Sunrooms

September 11, 2019

There’s just something restorative and invigorating about basking in natural light. We can try to replicate it with lamps and fixtures, but real sunlight shining through our windows can’t be beat.

Let the sun shine through by adding a sunroom to your home so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors inside!

Decor and furnishings

Sunrooms tend to be informal spaces in your home, so you can keep it pretty casual in terms of furniture and decor. Seating is important so that you can comfortably enjoy the sunshine and the view.

If you buy couches and chairs, consider light-coloured upholstery because the sun will bleach and fade colours over time. You can always add colour by adding throw pillows, blankets and a fun rug. You can add sheers to the windows to mute the sun without completely blocking it, as the point of the room is to enjoy the natural light.

Plants make great decor in sunrooms because of the natural light. They also pull some of the outdoor greenery into the room.


Many homeowners use the sunroom as a sitting room where they can read, have a cup of tea or just sit and look out the window. Others design an eating area for casual dining. Some homeowners create a hybrid entertainment space – perfect for parties and backyard barbecues so that there are some indoor spaces for people to gather.

If you want to lean into the natural setting of the room, you could turn it into a yoga and meditation studio. Add big floor pillows, rugs, plants, a water feature and calming decor.

Types of sunrooms

A typical sunroom is an addition on a house where three of the four sides of the room are windows (and maybe a door to outside). Sunrooms are typically on the back of the home, giving you a panoramic view of your backyard.

The word “solarium” is often used to mean the same thing as sunroom, but by definition a solarium also has a glass ceiling/roof to let in even more natural light.

A screened-in porch is considered a three-season sunroom, as it’s an enclosed front or back porch rather than a room indoors. Screened-in porches aren’t heated, so Canadians don’t typically use them during the winter months. They are handy to keep the bugs away during the warmer months though!

Four-season sunrooms are typically part of the home’s interior space and have electricity and heat. Because of the windows, sunrooms can feel warm on a sunny winter’s day!

Attached greenhouses are great for those with green thumbs who want to garden year-round. The glass windows and roof allow sun to reach the plants, and you can control the humidity levels as well to create an optimal growing environment.

Sunrooms, in whatever style, can be a great addition to a home and offer a unique room for whatever activity suits your family best.

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