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Make That Studio Condo Work for You

May 01, 2019

A studio apartment or condo is defined as an open concept dwelling that features one large room plus a bathroom. While this type of layout isn’t for everyone, if you’re smart about furniture placement and you maximize your use of space, you can make it work.

Create privacy

One of the main deterrents to buying a studio condo is the lack of privacy. Since your bedroom is also your living room and your kitchen, it can feel like an invasion when people visit. Since the bedroom is often considered personal space, you probably want to create some separation. This can be achieved using privacy screens or curtains.

Decor and furnishings

When it comes to adding decor and furniture, make it purposeful and multifunctional. If you want to make it obvious that different parts of the studio space serve different purposes, make intentional decisions about decor to reinforce that. If one corner has a desk with a computer, you can focus on the decor and furnishings just for that workspace, treating it like it’s its own room. Same for the dining area and sitting/TV area. Obviously there has to be some continuity throughout the room, but you can still create rooms within the room using decor.

Maximize kitchen space

Since the kitchen will be built into the main studio space, you will want to add some things to ensure it has enough storage and work surfaces available. Use a bar cart to create a movable kitchen island. You can get a kitchen cart with a butcher block or countertop surface on top and compartments below. This provides extra workspace, plus storage for pantry items.

Vertical storage

Due to the small space, and the fact that the studio space has to serve multiple purposes for you, you will want to keep the floor space open. This means taking advantage of your condo’s vertical space for storage. Add shelving to the perimeter, plus hooks, baskets and more. If you have a bicycle, hang it on the wall using brackets. In the kitchen, you can hang baskets from the ceiling for fruit and vegetables and suspend a pot rack from the ceiling if you don’t have the cupboard space.

A Murphy bed is also a great solution, as it can be stored against the wall when not in use, giving you more floor space available during the daylight hours.

Declutter and stay organized

Because you’re more or less exposed with the open concept layout, it’s hard to hide your messes. To make a studio apartment work for you, you have to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, or at least get very good at organizing.

For many, a studio condo is the perfect first home when it comes to purchasing real estate. As prices jump in popular markets, a studio can be an affordable way to start!

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