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Spring Is Here; It’s Time to Prep the Garden

April 03, 2019

Sure, April showers will bring those May flowers, but unless you’re going for a wild and natural look in your garden, you will need to put in a little work to help those blooms pop! April can be cool still – especially in the evenings – but it’s the perfect time of year to prep for the spring/summer gardening season!

Inside out

If you want to start your plants from seeds, it’s still too chilly at night to plant directly in the soil outdoors. Since there is still a risk of overnight frost, the best plan is to start your seeds indoors. Line up your pots near a window, or buy a small glass greenhouse. You can get a small, affordable greenhouse at Ikea!

Do your research on when to start the seeds, and at what point they are strong enough to be planted outside.

Stay sharp

While your little seedling babies are growing strong, you can get to work on some other gardening chores. After a winter in the shed or garage, your gardening tools might be a bit rusty. Sharpen those pruning shears and bring in the lawn mower for maintenance and blade sharpening.

While you’re at it, prepare your potting shed or table (if you have one). Get out all the pots, then visit your local garden centre to get your soil so that you’re ready!

Get the dirt

For your outdoor garden beds, you can use this time to start preparing the soil for planting. If you compost, you can start raking that organic material onto your soil so that it can soak up all those nutrients! You might also need to order some large bags of soil to mix into the earth you already have. Some properties have sand or clay-rich soil, so you need to balance that out with some good-quality topsoil and compost, if you have it. Turn up the soil really well, too. Winter weather tends to pack the soil down, so you need to break that up and get ready for planting!

Stay trim

While the plants and flowers might not be growing yet, your trees and shrubs survived winter, so now it’s a great time to start pruning. It’s always best to prune plants in the late winter or early spring, while they are dormant. Just be careful not to overdo it. Also, once the warmer weather comes, pruning can make trees and shrubs vulnerable to infestation, as you’re essentially creating an open wound for bugs to crawl in.

Be on time

Get out a notepad and make a list of all the plants you want to grow/plant this year – flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, grasses and more! Then research when each of these need to be planted and create a schedule.

Space it out

Unless you’re following the same plan as last year, you will need to map out your garden. By creating a layout on paper, you can figure out what you need and how to space it out. Many gardeners use a combination of annuals and perennials so that there is always something in bloom, from spring to summer to early fall.

If you have bulbs in the ground, make a note on your layout where those are and when they will bloom so that you can build the rest of your garden around them.

The birds and the bees

Lastly, if you want to attract birds, butterflies and bees to your garden, do some research on what to plant and where to plant it! Butterflies and bees help make our plants better, and some birds can eat pests that would otherwise destroy the garden. Overall, it’s nice to create a garden that everyone – including some critters – can enjoy.

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