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Alternative Uses for Your Backyard Shed

April 10, 2019

While backyard sheds are typically used to store tools, gardening equipment, bikes and other outdoor accessories, that doesn’t have to be their only purpose. If you have a smaller house, this space could serve another purpose if you use your imagination. With a little elbow grease, you can expand your living space!

Not sure what to do? Here are a few suggestions…

Home office

If you have a busy family and a small house, it can be tough to work from home. Even if you close the door, or tell the kids to not disturb you, it’s easy to get sucked into whatever’s happening with the household.

Instead of fumbling through at home, work remotely — in your own backyard. Transform the back shed into your home office. It’s close enough to the main house that you can get up to have lunch or a coffee, but far enough away that you won’t be disturbed. You can run electricity to give you lights, heat and internet. Build a shed with windows and decorate the interior to look like a professional office space.

Gym or yoga studio

If you have a house without a basement or are just looking for someplace quiet to work out, stretch and meditate undisturbed, you might consider converting the shed into a workout/relaxation space. Install a gym floor and hang some peaceful and inspirational wall art. Add soft, sheer curtains, and toss some big pillows on the floor.

Add storage for equipment and mats, and bring in a treadmill, spin bike or elliptical machine for cardio if you wish. Have a stereo or smart speaker system so that you have music to match your mood.

Art studio

For creative types who need a dedicated space to express themselves, turn that shed into an artist’s studio. Art can get messy, so the shed is the perfect place to create in a guilt-free environment. You can paint, sketch, carve and mould to your heart’s content without ruining the walls or floors of your house.

It’s also nice to have a place where you can work undisturbed. Set up an easel, pottery wheel, workspace and storage. Add drop cloths to the floors, or put down inexpensive, easy-to-clear flooring.


If you’re trying to manage the chaos of family life and find it hard to keep the child spaces from infiltrating the grown-up spaces in your home, it might be a good idea to move the kids’ toys off-site.

Make sure the shed has electricity for heat and lights, lay down a plush carpet, and add shelves, tables and storage. If you still want to be able to monitor the situation from the main house, add an intercom system or camera so that you can keep watch while the kids play. The shed playroom will keep some of the toys and arts and craft supplies at bay, so you can reclaim your living room for yourselves!

Man cave/she shed

If you want a place that’s just for you, where you can entertain friends or have some alone time to watch TV or do a hobby, convert the shed into either a man cave or a she shed.

These spaces are the perfect places to put all that stuff you had when you were single and fully in charge of your own decor. Now that you’re an adult, you may have had to compromise on style and put your novelty items into storage. Your man cave/she shed is where you can go crazy with sports memorabilia, cat posters, oversized beer mugs or glittery pillows. You still not-so-secretly love this stuff, but your partner has vetoed these items from the main house.

Enjoy all your embarrassing stuff in your dedicated space!

Games room

Do you want a pool table, dart board and card table but don’t have the space in your house? Build a backyard shed that’s actually a games room. It’s the perfect place to entertain friends, have some drinks and play some friendly parlour games.

You could also move all party games and family boardgames to a shelf in this shed, so that you don’t have to store them in the main house.

Seasonal space

Have you ever wanted to make your own haunted house at Halloween or a Santa’s workshop at Christmas? Your back shed could be a huge hit as a seasonal space for neighbourhood kids to enjoy!

It can double as storage for all these holiday decor items in the off-season.

Tiki bar

Do you have a backyard pool or hot tub? Maybe you have a nice deck and barbecue and enjoy entertaining in the summer. Turn your shed into a tiki bar for fun and convenient summer gatherings. Install the bar, a mini fridge, an ice chest and shelving for glasses. Don’t forget the patio lanterns!

This way, your guests don’t have to go in and out of your house to get drinks and snacks, as they will be right there.

What else could you use a backyard shed for?

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