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Tips for Moving in the Winter

January 16, 2019

While many people wait for the spring selling season so that they can move in the summer or fall, not everyone has the luxury of choosing when they can move. If you have to relocate for a job, or your dream house has become available and you need to make an offer quick or risk losing it, you can’t escape a winter closing date.  

While it’s not ideal to move during those snowy, icy Canadian winter months, it can be made easier by taking a few important steps!

Shovel and salt

Before loading and unloading anything, you need to shovel the snow and de-ice the driveway and paths at both your current and new house. The safety of your family, friends and movers is of the utmost importance. You cannot risk a slip and fall — especially when people are lifting heavy boxes and furniture.

Dress cozy

Dress to be outdoors for prolonged periods of time. But, as you will be in and out throughout the day, dressing in layers is a smart move. Look at the temperature and dress accordingly. This could mean wearing your long johns under your clothes, or putting on a sweater under your coat, with gloves and a hat, of course. If you’re doing a lot of lifting, you might warm up throughout the day, so the layering idea will work to your advantage, as you can shed a layer as needed.

Make it move-in ready

Before you start moving items into the new house, go over there to get it ready to move into. This means making sure the heat is on, so that you’ll be warm your first night staying there. This visit should also include the aforementioned shovelling and de-icing. You could also stock the fridge with essentials, including drinks — as moving is thirsty work!

Monitor the weather reports

Leading up to your move, monitor the weather reports. In the case of extreme weather, you might be able to shift the date, depending on what arrangement has been made with the new owners of your home, or the previous owners of your new place.

If it’s unsafe to drive, with whiteout conditions, you may have no choice but to postpone.

Hire someone

It’s important to recognize that you are not a professional mover and likely don’t have experience moving in the winter. Hire movers if you don’t feel confident in your abilities to do it carefully and professionally in winter weather.

Professional movers have experience in all sorts of weather — so trust their expertise.

Protect furniture

Use old sheets, towels and moving blankets to protect furniture while it’s being moved from inside to the truck. If it’s snowing, you don’t want your items to get wet and damaged during transport.

Label items

Be extra diligent about labelling boxes. You will want to find your blankets, bedding, winter clothes and pantry items fast! You’ll also want to find everything you need to be warm, cozy and comfortable for that first night. By labelling all the boxes, you’ll know which ones to open first.

Serve warm drinks and snacks

Instead of the traditional beer and pizza, maybe serve hot coffee … and pizza. Pizza is still a must, but make sure you have a pot of coffee on or make frequent runs to the local café. You can also brew up some tea or make hot chocolate.

Keep all your helpers warm, alert and happy!

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