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ANDREA HALL, take control of your Homefinder profile!

By taking control of your Homefinder Profile, you gain access to special Homefinder features such as:

  • Managing and enhancing your agent profile data
  • Managing your listings
  • Adding high-resolution images to your listings
  • Writing your own real estate blog

How It Works

Don't have a Homefinder account?

  1. Sign up for a new agent account.

Already have a Homefinder account?

  1. Log in to your Homefinder account.
  2. Send a control request

    In order to verify that you are authorized to claim this agent profile, we contact the agent using the email address that we receive from their board. The message we send contains time-sensitive instructions for granting access to this profile. Provided that the instructions are followed correctly and within the specified time frame, this profile will be linked to your Homefinder account.

    Please log in first.

  3. Approve the control request

    Check your agent email account for the control request email and follow the instructions inside.