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Majoring in economics, while in University Frank Leo always saw the Real Estate market as a business where he could express his marketing flair, and tenacious personality. After University he took out a loan and devoted himself to learning as much about the Real Estate industry as possible, an endeavor that required long hours, endless courses, and many seminars.

Right from the beginning, Frank knew that he needed to implement a system. A system that could create an incredible amount of exposure for his client’s properties, giving them a competitive edge, while at the same time providing the best service possible. Such a system took a tremendous amount of development and great financial investment. It also needed time to refine and implement.

Frank Leo started in the Real Estate market in the recession of 1990, just as the market went into its worst performance since the great depression that started in October 1929 and lasted for many years. As he persevered through his initial year, he continued to refine his plan and system. The nickname of Leo “THE LION” became a household name and a continuous quest for a marketing edge and superiority. Frank Leo registered the trademark of “THE LION”® because he knew the power of this kind of marketing and advertising exposure. Using many marketing techniques to draw attention to his name and his client’s properties, Frank continued to build the ultimate Real Estate business, constantly improving and never settling for less than the best he could be. What good is a name if you don’t have the goods to back it up?

Frank Leo joined Re/max West Realty Inc. in 1993 and began to put together an extraordinary Real Estate business. His confidence and understanding of the Real Estate market won him the respect of his clients and colleagues. Frank continued to develop his business by adding a professional assistant, administrative manager and a marketing coordinator to make his support staff complete and ensure smooth operation, providing the best service and results possible. The total package was ready in 1995 and implemented. That year, Frank Leo swept the Re/max West Awards Gala including the #1 Top Producer Company Wide. Never looking back he has held that spot every year, earning the highest Re/max International Award Annually, “The Diamond Award”.

Frank has been honoured as a Member of the Re/max Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Award and the Prestigious Circle of Legends Award. Most notably Frank has been honoured with the Highest and Most Exclusive RE/MAX Award – Recognizing the Highest Level of Achievement In All of RE/MAX, The Luminary of Distinction Award, representing $20 Million Plus in Total Commissions and 20 Years Plus with RE/MAX.

In addition, Frank is the #1 Broker in Toronto (Central, East & West Combined) by Units of Listings Sold for All Companies of All Brokers and Sales Representatives for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Frank was recognized as the #1 Individual Re/max Agent in Canada (by Transactions) in 2015, and #2 Individual Re/max Agent in the World (by Volume) in 2015 & 2016.

One of Frank Leo’s most impressive accomplishments was being awarded the #1 Individual Re/max Agent World Wide in 2017 (For Dollar Volume) considering that Re/max is in over 100 countries.

Most recently, Frank Leo and Associates were recognized as the #1 Re/max Team in Ontario, the #2 Re/max Team in Canada and the #5 Re/max Team in the World (For Dollar Volume in 2018).

The willingness to spend the extra dollars to get results for his clients definitely makes him stand out. A marketing plan refined over the years designed to create incredible exposure and awareness. He is a very experienced powerful negotiator delivering amazing service. Frank and his professional support staff are the total package. Frank’s goal and commitment is simple “GET RESULTS” for you whilst making each transaction progress smoothly with the least amount of inconvenience and still create the incredible awareness needed to get the best possible price. The professional staff is an extension of Frank Leo to help him be the best he can be. They provide you with personal service you deserve with big business results. Frank is continuously looking for ways to improve his service and increase exposure no matter how good it already is, keeping as advanced as possible through technology. Let’s just say he has an unquenchable thirst and desire to get the best possible results and give the best service at all times.

Brokerage address: 570 Bloor Street W, Toronto, Ontario, M6G1K1
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Agent's Real Estate Listings
1 GIANCOLA CRES - N4698317 mls listing image
3 beds | 3 baths
83 MUIRLAND CRES - W4697432 mls listing image
4 beds | 4 baths
103 MCCRANEY ST - W4697745 mls listing image
3 beds | 2 baths
446 LONDON RD - N4697330 mls listing image
5 beds | 3 baths
2742 CONSTABLE RD - W4696011 mls listing image
4 beds | 2 baths
872 NINTH ST - W4696156 mls listing image
2 beds | 1 bath
29 NORFIELD CRES - W4694862 mls listing image
4 beds | 3 baths
5162 LAMPMAN AVE - W4694740 mls listing image
3 beds | 3 baths
24 MANORWOOD CRT - W4694303 mls listing image
3 beds | 3 baths
#2107 -9 GEORGE ST N - W4694494 mls listing image
2 beds | 1 bath
280 DERRYDOWN RD - W4691667 mls listing image
3 beds | 2 baths
#903 -25 AGNES ST - W4690716 mls listing image
1 bed | 1 bath
3050 CONCESSION 8 RD - E4690736 mls listing image
6 beds | 8 baths
#401 -160 FLEMINGTON RD - W4688740 mls listing image
2 beds | 1 bath
22 RUFFORD RD - W4688240 mls listing image
5 beds | 2 baths
147 CHADBURN ST - E4676667 mls listing image
5 beds | 2 baths
101 LAIRD DR - N4684164 mls listing image
6 beds | 4 baths
58 ANJAC CRES - N4682082 mls listing image
4 beds | 3 baths
152 NOBLETON LAKES DR - N4677374 mls listing image
3 beds | 4 baths
11433 HIGHWAY 9 - W4676663 mls listing image
4 beds | 4 baths
2 WENDY WAY - N4673820 mls listing image
3 beds | 1 bath
#407 -2100 JOHN ST - N4673720 mls listing image
3 beds | 2 baths
1191 MINEOLA GDNS - W4671556 mls listing image
2 beds | 2 baths
#202 -3237 BAYVIEW AVE - C4667335 mls listing image
2 beds | 2 baths
1376 BEEMER AVE - W4663818 mls listing image
4 beds | 3 baths
8 HEADFORD AVE - N4661043 mls listing image
4 beds | 4 baths
322 JOHNSTON AVE - C4651542 mls listing image
3 beds | 2 baths
504 ONTARIO ST - C4651537 mls listing image
5 + 1 beds | 3 baths
504 ONTARIO ST - C4651536 mls listing image
5 + 1 beds | 3 baths
507304 HIGHWAY 89 - X4635161 mls listing image
3 beds | 1 bath
107 SYLVAN AVE - E4582417 mls listing image
4 beds | 3 baths
9 FLAHERTY LANE - W4566792 mls listing image
6 beds | 5 baths