Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is is a new, innovative way to search for homes in Southern Ontario. Combining listing information and the latest mapping technology using Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ mapping technology, allows users to search and discover neighbourhood, demographic and lifestyle information to help them choose the right home.

2) How does allow me to find my home, my way? provides a variety of search opportunities including address, city, postal code, Listing ID, price range, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and property type. Users can also enhance their decision making process by learning about their city of choice and area using provided maps.

3) Where do the property listings come from?

The listing information comes directly from local real estate boards and is not altered by in any way.

4) What cities and/or provinces are available to search on covers Ontario at this time. Additional cities/provinces will be included in future phases.

5) I have feedback about the site. Where can I send it?

All feedback can be sent by emailing us at

6) What browsers are supported? would like to ensure you have the best experience possible while visiting its sites, therefore the following web browsers are recommended for best viewing:

  • Best Viewed at 1024 x 768
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 11.0+, Chrome 11+, and Safari 2.0.4+
  • Cookies Enabled

7) How do I search for a home?

Searching is quick, simple and convenient. From the main search box on the homepage, enter the location you wish to search. This can be an address, a postal code, or a city. You can also choose to refine your search by minimum/maximum price, number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms. Once you click search, selected results will be returned.

8) How do I view details on a property from the search results?

To view specifics on a property from the search results, click on a home on the map and then click on its title.

9) How do I refine my search results?

Once you receive your search results, you can refine your search by entering in price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and/or type, then click the "Refine" button to receive new results.

10) How does Virtual Earth™ help me find real estate?

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ mapping technology shows you the physical location of the property. You can view a map of the city and zoom in all the way down to street level. In addition to viewing the property, you can discover amenities and community institutions in the neighbourhood by zooming in on the area. Points of interest options will appear below the map.

11) What types of maps does Virtual Earth™ provide?

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ offers maps including:

  • Road - shows only roads and streets
  • Aerial - shows only satellite images
  • Hybrid - show streets and road information on top of the satellite images

12) How do I use the Virtual Earth™ map?

To see visual images of properties or areas, simply click on the map. For more detailed views, you can drag your cursor on the map to discover other areas or zoom in or out to view all the way down to street level. The best way to navigate the maps is to drag your mouse over areas of interest or to use the mouse over areas of interest or use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out for detailed street information.

13) Why does the map go blurry or say "No Photo Available", when I use the zoom feature on Virtual Earth™ map?

High-resolution Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ maps are not currently available for certain areas. You may experience issues when you zoom in to a Microsoft Virtual Earth™ map if you live outside of Toronto.